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Entry of Feb 19, 1999 at 12:58 [EST] 
From: Chris Cartano of Granite Bay, CA -

Comments: Chico State, Married 11+ years, 2 kids--Calvin 5 Corie 7. I have been with Hewlett-Packard for 14 years, where I currently do a good job at shuffling papers. 

In the warmer weather, I like to ride my bicycle to work or ride my motorcycle (650 Honda Nighthawk) when I wimp out. 

This year my wife, who I met at Chico St, is entering many Dressage horse shows, so I am busy supporting her interest in horses. We currently have 2 horses. 

When I am not shoveling manure, taking care of the yard, or the kids, I like woodworking as a hobby. 

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Entry of Mar 19, 1999 at 23:40 [EST] 
From: Robert Coupe of Elk Grove, CA -

Comments: Life has been great since graduation. After 1 year at DVC, I attended Oregon State University, where I graduated in 1984 with a BS in Construction Engineering Management. 

When I left high school, I thought I wanted to build houses for a living. During the summers while in college, I worked on freeway construction projects. I had found a new frontier. I've been building freeways ever since. Currently, I'm back in our old stomping grounds building the 680/24 interchange. I've been on this project since 1994. 

In 1991, wedding bells were ringing. I married my best friend, Melanie. We have two children, Tara and Tyler, they're twins, 3-1/2 years old. We live in Elk Grove for now. We're building our dream home in Wilton, on 7-1/2 acres and hope to be living there before the end of the year.Looking forward to seeing everyone in October. 

PS. Has anyone heard from Paula? 

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Entry of Mar 12, 1999 at 03:38 [EST] 
From: Chuck Douros (Douros) of Lodi California -

Comments: OK, I've been married since before the 5 year reunion to the same cool chick(70's) babe (80's) hottie (90's), mother of my children and center of my world. Nicole and I have been blessed me with three terrific children; Zack 12, twins Nicholas and Alexa 22 months. 

Since that warm June day in '79 when I shook Smilin' Jim's hand and accepted that diploma, we have lived in Concord and Pittsburg California, West Linn and Aloha Oregon, Walla Walla Washington (UGH!), Burnsville Minnesota and now Lodi California. Somewhere in there I attended San Francisco State, got married, stayed married, had kids and got to keep them, Also somewhere in there I managed to lose touch with absolutely every one of you. 

Dave, glad to see you finally got married. I told you it only hurts for a second- John, was it something I said? Where'd ya go after Monterey? And Shawn, you need to come down and get some sun! 

I think someone needs to get a hold of John Hankerson and drag his butt down here for the reunion! I think he's in Seattle. Shawn? 

See ya all for some 'ice blockin' on the 9th hole at Roundhill. 

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Entry of Sep 12, 1999 at 22:13 [EST]
From: Kim Fuller of Washington, D.C. -
Personal Homepage?

Comments: Since graduating from SRVHS, I attended Arizona State University and got my degree in broadcasting. Migrated to the Nation's capital and haven't gotten smart enough to leave. Don't have kids or cats or been married yet. Been working in public affairs for most of the past twenty years, enjoying a lot of travelling and lot of once in a lifetime experiences. Currently, I am a public affairs consultant to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which takes up quite a bit of my time, at the moment.

My travels have kept me in touch with Gretchen Judd Morales and I recently became reacquainted with Stacy (TASHA) Boley.I hope that I get to see the other folks that were in dance with us or in Student Council, Oklahoma, Dance or Drama. And more than anything else, I hope I get to meet new friends, that I might not have known during my year at SRVHS.

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Entry of Mar 20, 1999 at 18:24 [EST] 
From: John Fumagalli of San Ramon, CA -

Comments: Graduated from Cal Poly-SLO in '83 in Engineering. Have worked in Electronics industry since. Lived in Monterey for 12 years. Met my wife Sabrina (from Mexico City) on the tennis court, married in '91 and have spent most of the time having kids: Patrick 6yrs, Daniela 5yrs, Lucas 3yrs and TamiJean 9 mos. 

We moved back to the SR valley in '96 and I commute each day to San Jose. I return home nightly to homework, T-ball practice, dirty diapers and training for my second marathon. 

I am in touch with only 1 person from the class of '79 but have already found a few on this web site. See everyone in October. 

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Entry of Apr 9, 2000 at 10:45 [EST]
From: Toni Byers ( Gross) of San Rafael Ca. -
Personal Homepage?

Comments: Wow.... finding this web site was VERY fun. I left SR before the end of my Senior Year so I really lost touch. Seeing the reunion photos from the Tenths was amazing as well as the new photos from te 20th EGAD 20TH!!!!!!! How did that happen??? I still have a good friend from High School, Amy Burnham. She and I have stayed in touch all these years and she is the "UNOFFICIAL" aunt to my kids and official godmother of my daughter. The Kids... Connor who is 15 ad Chelsea who is 13. My son is in high scool and my daughter will be in high school next year ( I still feel very wierd when going to the office of the high school... ya kow all high schools smell the same!) So have you ever wondered wat happened to me???? Me Too!.... te Nutshell story is: Left School Early, Got Married Young, Worked in SF at an insurance company, Had Babies ( best thing I ever did) Was married for 12 LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG years, Got Divorced, Moved back to California, Got educated,Met the man of my dreams, Started a software company JennerNet Software Company ( Work hard every day.... love My kids, Love my life! If you want more details let me know! Who do I miss, wish I could find? Ronda Lawson, Cherry Phipps, Mark Baker ( Class of 78) Mark Andino ( Class of 78), Lisa Overfield There are more... can't think of them right now. The web page I listed as our family site takes you to a site about our condo in Maui... There you will see our kids ( 6 in our combined family) you will also se me ifyou look close, my kids and Jim. Thanks for makingthe great site. Love, Toni

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Entry of Apr 9, 2000 at 11:02 [EST]
From: Toni (Gross) Byers of San Rafael -
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Comments: Hi all... wow was it fun to find this site. The reunion photos were my first look at many of you since 1979. I must say you all look great! I left school before the end of my senior year so I lost touch with almost everyone exept Amy Burnham and Judy Dalke. I live in San Rafael, I have two kids, a son Connor who is 15 and in High School and a Daughter 13 who is in her last year of Junior High. I live with the love of my life Jim Namnath and we have a combined family of 6 kids. Jim and I Started a software company 5 years ago it is called JennerNet Software SR was a place I ran from but now find myself wondering about the people not the place. I hope life finds you happy and well. My Brother Chris Gross calss of 78 passed away a few years ago. I am very happy. I work hard as the President of the company and travel ALOT but enjoy the experience. I lived for many years in Vacaville then went to Portland Oregon for a two year stint before comming "Home" to Ca. and now happily call San Rafael my home. Please email me if you want more details... Go Wolves! Toni

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Entry of May 25, 1999 at 19:03 [EST] 
From: Jeff Havlan of Modesto, Ca - 
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: After 19 years on the road to nowhere, I have finally arrived, nowhere. I've survived several bouts with the bottle( and more than a few policemen ) only to now depend on prescription medications. The doctors say I show obsessive- compulsive, bi-polar, manic tendencies, and sometimes I stay up for days laughing, crying, and wet sanding the fenders on my '57 Willys pick up I bought in 1977; trying to figure out if the doctors are right. I now live in the central valley, ( the last actual house I remember was in Ceres...)where I do odd jobs in the construction industry. I'll be needing a ride to Round Hill for this reunion thing, so anybody who might be passing through ( or flying over )the central valley on their way, please leave me a message at the Modesto Psychiatric Center @ 209-572-2804 where I pick up my messages and medications every 72 hours.

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Entry of Mar 11, 1999 at 12:05 [EST] 
From: David Howard of San Antonio, Texas. Soon to be Longview, Texas (7/1/99) -

Comments: Married in '96, no kids yet. Quick tour of last 20 years @ UC Davis, Med School @ Loyola University of Chicago. From there I moved on to internship in Hawaii, and a radiology residency in Washington State. 

Moved back to the bay area in '93 and lived in San Ramon while working at Oakland Naval Hospital until it closed in '96. Spent a year commuting to the city to do a fellowship in MRI @ UC San Francisco before moving to the great state of Texas to finish my last two years of military slavery...oops!, service in San Antonio. 

At the end of June I will be a free man and going into private practice in East Texas, where HMO's have so far been kept at bay! Looking forward to seeing friends I've lost track of along the way. 

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Entry of Apr 12, 1999 at 12:27 [EST] 
From: Pete Huttlinger of Nashville, Tn. -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. I now play guitar for a living in Nashville, Tn. I've worked for many artists over the years. From the group "America" to "George Burns" and most things in between. I spent several years touring and recording with John Denver. Played in London's Royal Albert Hall and in Hanoi, Vietnam as well as many other countries. 

Biggest thrill was performing a piece with the San Diego Symphony (before they went under) and having my brother and his family in the audience. Released a couple of CD's of my own and have two more in the works. 

These days I'm into flyfishing, canoeing, hiking and playing with my dogs --Chester and Agatha (Bouvier des Flanders) I am married to a wonderful girl (Rhonda) from North Carolina. Can't wait to see everyone in October. Thanks to Claudia for finding me! 

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Entry of Feb 03, 2004 at 21:09 [EST]
From: Pete Huttlinger of Nashville, TN -
Personal Homepage?

Comments: Just wanted to update my contact info for anyone who happens to be looking through the archives. I'm a long way away but if anyone is ever coming through Nashville, TN be sure to stop and say hi. Pete
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Entry of Oct 27, 2002 at 19:36 [EST]
From: Katherine Schexneider (Ingram) of Germantown, MD -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1983 and served in the Navy for the first time until 1987. I am now on my second stint, as a Navy physician, at Bethesda Naval Hosp in Maryland. My husband of 17 years, Will, and I have two cats and no kids. We enjoy travelling to the UK. I don't get back to the west coast very often and enjoy the ability to see how folks are doing from the website.

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Entry of Mar 5, 1999 at 10:57 [EST] 
From: Randy Kaufman of Scottsdale, Arizona -

Comments: Well after graduating from Arizona State I moved back to Norcal for 18 months. I moved back to Arizona and got married and now I have 3boys and my own mortgage company. Time goes by fast when you are entertaining 3 boys who love sports (well OK only 2 walk right now). 

Golf, Diamondbacks etc.,(yes I still love the Giants and A's but it gets harder and harder). I am looking forward to seeing lots of friends at the reunion. Thank you to the committee for getting organized and up and running 

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Entry of Jun 13, 2003 at 16:35 [EST]
From: Farrell (Kohlbecker) Scott of Pleasanton, CA -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: Wow. Can't believe I found this. Hi all. Guess I missed the 20 year, but it looked like fun. About me, I messed around in Chico after high school, dropped out and went to work. Finally finished my education at St. Mary's. I was working at a Regional Manager for a large credit union when I quit to be a mommy. I currently live in Pleasanton with my husband of 15 years and my two children (one boy, one girl). Would love to hear from some of the old gang. Farrell 

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Entry of Oct 17, 1999 at 15:56 [EST]
From: Tom Lawson of Houston, TX -
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Comments: After SRVHS I went to DVC and then on to Chico State for couple of years of hard drinking and casual studying - bad mix especially for mechanical engineering. I dropped out and regrouped for a few years. I found the perfect mate (Martha), got married and then went back to school at Hayward state to finish up on a BS in MIS. I have been working as a programmer and a project manager for the last 10 years. Martha and I have been married 12 years and have two children Claire (6) and Karl (2). We have lived in Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Livermore and for the last five years in Houston. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion! 

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Entry of Jun 04, 2003 at 12:07 [EST]
From: Don Lenhart of Bainbridge, GA -
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Comments: Hi Ya'll. So most of you don't remember me because I only attended SRVHS for my last two years. After SRVHS I went to Baylor University in Waco, TX. I graduated in 1984 with a BBA in Economics and took my first job at the Pacific Stock Options Exchange in San Francisco. 

While working for the PSE in the noise and clutter of day-trading, market-makers and put/call options, I started contemplating those very serious philosophical questions-- namely: ORIGINS (Where did I come from?); MEANING (Why am I here?); MORALITY (How should I live and determine "right" from "wrong"; and DESTINY (Where am I going?). After buying a Bible in June of 1985, I made the awesome discovery that Jesus Christ was who he said he was and that the Bible was indeed the very Word of God. Well, thus began a very interesting journey. This journey included a one and a half years stint working up at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center in the Santa Cruz mountains; a two year stint working in the Financial Services Industry in Dallas, TX; and a three year stint teaching English to College Students in Mainland China from 1990-93. Then it was off to seminary in Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Denver Seminary in June of 1998 with a degree in Missiology (World Christianity). While in seminary, I met and married the lovely and tender, Miss Sharon Brinda from Minneapolis, MN. 

God closed the door on our plans to return to Mainland China, and I have been pastoring since December of 1998. Our first church was in Meridan, KS and now I am the Interim Pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in Bainbridge, GA. I love the Southern culture/weather, and God blessed us with a wonderful daughter, Rebekah in 1999. She just turned 4 last week! Anyway, God is good and life has been a real adventure-- BUT the best thing is....well, this life isn't all there is! Knowing that Christ is alive and his truth is real has brought great peace, power and purpose to previously very confused life. Jesus rose from the dead, and by His grace I'm going to live with Him forever. Working for Christ till I see Him face to face makes life worth living and causes everything to have purpose and meaning (...even the pain coming from the storms of life which are common to us all!). Blessings to everyone. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the (now famous) Screenwriter, Ryan Rowe (SRVHS - Class of '79)? If so, please e-mail me his information. Thanks.
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Entry of Aug 3, 1999 at 18:49 [EST]
From: Bill London of Star, Idaho -
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Comments: From SRVHS went to Humboldt State University to aquire a BS in Wildlife Mgnt. Worked several seasonal jobs during college with Calif. Fish & Game, National Park Service and Colorado Division of Wildlife. 1986 found me with a permanent job with the Idaho Fish & Game as a Conservation Officer (Game Warden). I met Leanne, married and we moved into the wilderness near the Salmon River and the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness areas. What a patrol area !! Horse work in the mountains and rafts and kayaks in the rivers. WE were there for 5 years. 

We have two boys, Jake 10 yr. and Nick 8 yr. We were in Pocatello for 6 years and now live in Star, about 15 miles west of Boise. The job is a mix of law enforcement, wildlife management and public education. Best of all I get to be outside!! Leanne works in a cath lab at a local hospital. WE enjoy hunting (I just returned from an African Safari), fishing, backpacking with the boys, soccer coaching and being scout leaders. 

Obviously most of our time revolves around the boys. They say that it is important to stay in touch with your inner child, well mine livedown the hall. What fun ! I really haven't kept up with many of you from SRVHS, I'm not sure if I will be at the reunion late October is a very busy time for a Game warden with all the hunting ( & poaching) going on at that time. It would be nice to hear from any of you, please e-mail me.

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Entry of May 27, 1999 at 19:58 [EST] 
From: Bill MacDonald of Winston-Salem, NC -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: Graduated from UC Berkeley in '83, and Fuller Theological Seminary in '89 with a Masters of Divinity degree and was ordained in the Presbyterian church in 1990. Married my sweetheart from Covelo CA. Jennifer in 1985. I can thank my good friend Tom Heathorn for introducing us! We have two adorable girls, Hannah (9), and Teresa, (8), who used to be daddies little girls but are soon to be as tall as daddy! We've lived in L.A., Phoenix, and now North Carolina. I am really looking forward to the reunion! Comment to Chuck Douros: We do need to rescue John Hankerson from the wetlands of Washington to come join the celebration! 

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Entry of Jul 22, 1999 at 23:15 [EST]
From: Sherry McCreedy of Danville -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: It sure is nice to find you guys again. I didn't have the patience to stay around after passing the CA Proficiency Exam, so I just went on to DVC during our junior year. After 20+ years I'm finally ready to look back! Of course, now I wish I'd hung around to enjoy high school more, but that's water under a very old bridge, and besides, at least I can still enjoy the reunion! 

I've been a lawyer since 1991 (mostly teaching and doing immigration related cases), but would really like to do something else. So, I'm again in school at Cal State Hayward finishing my B.A. in Spanish (Senor Nivolo, can you hear me?) And, ironically, I've been doing some substitute teaching in the District, mostly at SRV High. I will likely either go on to a credential program to teach Spanish and/or English, or go back to law refreshed from this recent bout with academia. 

I have three children. My two daughters (from my first marriage in 1979 at age 18 which, alas, didn't survive law school or my subsequent growing up process) are now 18 and 14. The oldest just graduated from SRV High in the class of 1999. The other will be a sophomore there this coming year. I am remarried and we have a 5 year old son. So the oldest starts college in the fall, and the youngest starts kindergarten! I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. In the meantime feel free to e-mail or call. And, BTW, I'm happy to be in on the John Hankerson deal, if you need any help!

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Entry of Aug 11, 1999 at 16:08 [EST]
From: Craig McKeand of Peachtree City, GA -
Personal Homepage?

Comments: After graduation I tried a year at Fresno State, then joined the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller. I spent 4 years in Okinawa, Japan and then another 4 years in Columbus, MS. In October of ’89 I was hired with the FAA as a controller in Atlanta, where I am to date. I have 2 Children Christine (16) and Austin (4) and a lovely wife Andra. I enjoy playing the guitar, building and flying radio-control airplanes, and playing golf. I still talk to Jim O’neill occasionally.

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Entry of Jul 11, 1999 at 23:25 [EST]
From: Michele McMasters of Santa Monica, CA -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is "floored" by the fact of twenty years having gone by since high school! So I will pick up my story after graduating '79... Attended San Diego State, DVC, then graduated with BA in International Relations from UOP (including a semester in Vienna, Austria. Have worked for Nordstrom for many years, studied Massage Therapy, delved into many Metaphysical philosophies, including my current study of Karmic Astrology. I "landed" in the City of Angels 6 years ago with the wild idea of pursuing acting! Sometimes I am the pursuer and on rare occasions it pursues me! 

No marriages, kids or mortgages, but I have a frisky kitten named Alex and I'm loving the creative life I'm building. Frankly, I was quite undecided about attending the reunion, but with the "preview to coming attendees" that this website has provided, I am far more curious and eager to reminisce(yeah, I had to look it up!)!! Also, if Robert G. or Liza P. see this...please e-mail me! As my infamous father would say "See ya in the Fall, if I see ya at all!" 

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Entry of Mar 18, 1999 at 12:16 [EST] 
From: Jeff Meier of Pleasanton, CA - Jeff

Comments: Married for almost 14 years, 2 girls - Erica 2 1/2 and Emily 7 mos. Graduated from UCDavis in 1983 and entered into the California Wine Industry. Have been winemaker at J. Lohr Winery since 1996. 

Have lived after college in San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley and now in old town Pleasanton. Between work, kids and house remodel haven't had time for anything else 

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Entry of Feb 19, 1999 at 13:50 [EST] 
From: Claudia Muller (Gravelle) of Fremont -

Comments: Living and working in Fremont with my husband, Dave. I am a Mortgage Broker. My husband a Real Estate Broker. Guess how we met? 

I am presently the committee chair for the "Concept Committee" for the twenty year class reunion. Any of you who would like to help or have input please contact me!!! It has been an absolute blast talking with all you we have located along the way! See you all in October! 

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Entry of Jul 20, 1999 at 18:32 [EST]
From: Jim O'Neill of Ventura, CA -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: Graduated from UC Davis in 1983 with BS in Electrical/Computer Engineering. Worked in petroleum industry in Woodland, CA and Ventura from 83-84. Have been with the US Navy (civilian) from 1984 to present; I test weapon systems for the surface Navy. My wife (Kristen) and I have three children: Brieann (8), Jamie (4), and Eric (1). We enjoy the beach, golf, skiing, camping, and participating at our church. I still talk with Mike Wheeler, Mike Duensing, and Craig McKeand. They are all doing fine.

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Entry of Oct 29, 2003 at 16:28 [EST]
From: Marci of Livermore -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: Laura Collier, Karen Stieglitz, Patty Small, where are you? Has anyone kept up with Elizabeth Bradford? My sister, Lisa, and I braved the 20 year reunion (she knew more people than I did) in 'and were rewarded with a wonderful visit with Leslie and a kiss on the cheek from the most beautiful man in the room. But I so missed seeing the rest of you. I think of you often and with great affection: our slumber and swim parties, our own serial soap opera, our philosophical discussions on the meaning of life and the Prime Directive. Sigh. What pieces of work we all were. I hafta tell you those discussions and that dry patch of grass by the science wing were my life raft through those otherwise forgettable years. If you're ever in the neighborhood, I am in Livermore. I married the best man I've ever met in 1989, I started my own design business in 2000 and I have two new pieces coming out in a literary anthology early next year. I am happy. I hope with everything I am that you all are as well. If you are of a mind, email me: I would lovelovelove to hear from you.
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Entry of Jan 26, 1999 at 10:30 [EST] 

From: John Ramsey of New Carrollton, Maryland -

Personal Homepage?

Comments: QUICK BIO: Married. Two-year old daughter. Stay-Home Dad. 

Long version: Graduated from UC Berkeley in 1983. Married fellow Berkeley student, MaryEllen in 1985. Worked at UCB from '85 to '89 in administration. Moved to suburban Washington DC in 1989 for grad school. Worked for a few congressmen. Am now a full-time "Stay-Home" dad of my daughter Kristen and I love it. 

I get back to the Bay Area twice a year -- mostly to see my old friends from SR. We always have a big reunion weekend over Thanksgiving including a football game, hike in the Las Trampas Hills, and breakfast at the Alamo Cafe. 

I'm looking forward to the reunion and hope we will have a chance for an informal gathering where we can meet the families of the class of '79. It would also be great to all get together at the high school. 

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Entry of Oct 29, 1999 at 22:48 [EST]
From: John B. Ramsey of New Carrollton, MD -
Personal Homepage?

Comments: Well, the reunion is over and I would like to add a place for reunion attendees to write what they thought of the reunion. Since I haven't created that file yet, I'll temporarily place something here.

At one point, early on in the evening, I realized that no matter how late I stayed (and I stayed until nearly 2AM) there was no way I could possibly talk with everyone I would have wanted to. There were simply too many people I wanted to see. The original attendance list consisted of 110 alumni, but there must have been a lot of people who came at the last minute and paid at the door. 

I thought everybody really looked great and I enjoyed the food and the location. Not many seemed interested in the music or dancing, through no fault of the DJ, in my opinion. We just decided that the important thing to do was to talk with our old classmates since we had so little time to do so, relatively speaking. 

I am very grateful that my wife felt okay about my flying out to California even though she is in her last month of pregnancy. And I'm REALLY grateful that the baby decided to stay inside for a bit longer as well!

Looking through the old Wolf print articles made me really look forward to seeing folks like John Williamson or Mark Freseman. But neither one was there. Indeed a large part of the class was missing, but if it was impossible to see everyone with 120 or so alumni there, how could we possibly have done it with more there? 

I plan to keep this site running as a source for classmates to keep up with one another and to post news of their lives here. Hope to hear from all of you in the years to come. 

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Entry of Jun 9, 1999 at 10:20 [EST] 

From: Bob Riley of Danville -

Personal Homepage?

Comments: I have a wonderful wife, Christina ("shagged" her 11 yrs. ago) and 4 kids: Monica (age 8 - into Titanic, Flare Jeans, & Spice Girls -- what 's next?); Christopher (age 6 - just like dad, nearly the smallest in his class); Dennis (age 4 - my little trooper); and Peter (age 2 - "lil PeeWee", and the last reason we've been changing diapers since '91). 

I'm the Buyer for a Corporate Computer Reseller (Desktop Products, in Emeryville) where I've been for 13 yrs (although I'd like to work closer to home). We are happy to live in Danville, a couple of blocks from a weed-pulling job I had during High School (thanks to teacher, Ernie Bennett -- the weeding job that is, not the house). 

My spare time is spent with home improvements and trying to figure out how to cram four kids and their stuff into our house. We are active in our Homeowner's Association and even set up participation in the National Night Out (for more info and setting it up in your community, check out: It's the first Tuesday in August and gives neighbors an excuse to meet each other. 

Hope to see old friends at the Reunion. Would hope that the alums living in Nor Cal could make the minimal effort it takes to be there. Maybe we could have a family-oriented soccer game or go on a nature hike in some of the remaining hills of the SRV. Thanks to all the reunion organizers, specifically, Jeff Nelsen for phoning me and John Ramsey for setting up this website.

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Entry of Feb 8, 1999 at 17:13 [EST]
From: Rick Riley of San Francisco -

Comments: Status: Married. 

Daughter: Sinclair - 4yrs. Son: Colin - 1yr. 

Profession: Computer Technician. 

Company: BancBoston Robertson Stephens (investment banking). 

College: 1 yr at Berkeley and graduated from UC Davis with BS in Agricultural Economics. 

Travel: Europe-including Eastern Bloc; China; and Costa Rica. 

Hobbies: Sports,including roller hockey and basketball. 

Home: San Francisco Chinatown. 

I'm looking forward to meeting old classmates since I was too cheap to go to the 10 year reunion. Also, thanks to all who have been coordinating this year's reunion. 

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Entry of Feb 22, 1999 at 13:32 [EST] 
From: Carol Serafini (Wallace) of San Ramon -

Comments: After DVC, SVC (Saddleback Valley College)many years in Southern California and too many years in management with Nordstorm I finally have returned to the San Ramon Valley and I am happy to be here. I return to the area with my boyfriend and his four children (15, 14, 10 & 7)and my business of four years - Intuitive Office Environments. I specialize in space planning and design, move coordination and project management, cubicle panel systems, ergonomic seating and of course GREAT customer service (Nordstrom training). 

I work from my home which allows me to be a "future" stay at home step-mom and allows me the freedom to spend as few or as many hours needed with my clients and the projects that I choose. 

I recently went on a weekend getaway with Claudia Gravelle (Muller), Devon Slinger (Suby), Jesslyn Booth (Mims) and Laura Huckabone (Sitts). We had a great time laughing and sharing about the years spent at San Ramon High. 

I am enjoying being back in the area visiting with my family and old friends. I am looking forward to seeing more familar faces at the reunion. Until then...move easy. 

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Entry of Feb 10, 1999 at 18:56 [EST] 
From: David Walsh of San Ramon - none


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Entry of Dec 22, 1999 at 18:20 [EST]
From: David Walsh of Castro Valley -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: Sorry I couldn't be with the class in October. From John's website, It looks like a good time was had by all. I am doing well. I live in Casto Valley with my wife Irene and two boys, Nathan(6) and Nicholas(4). I work for Pacific Bell in the Industry Markets group and enjoy it very much. I always enjoy seeing fellow Wolves when I am out...It is strange going through Danville because so much has changed since alot of us grew up there. I enjoyed seeing the old pictures of Ranch Romero. I have some back from my Montair Elementary school years. Those were the days!

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Entry of Mar 5, 1999 at 14:09 [EST] 
From: Tom Ward of Alamo - 

Comments: Married. Twin sons, Joseph and Matthew 5, Daughter, Nicole 2. General Contractor, building custom homes in the Danville area. 

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Entry of May 15, 2002 at 19:12 [EST]
From: Barbara Weiss of Maple Valley, WA - or
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Comments: After SRHS I went to Chico State and graduated in 3 years, with a Social Work Degree and minor in partying. I met my husband in 1978 and married him in 1984. We have three children, Mikki - 16, Aaron - 12 1/2 and Michael - 9. We moved to Washington in 1994. I am a secretary for an Elementary School, along with helping my husband with his Ecommerce Business both on and off the net. I still love my Washington Redskins, and still have my season tickets to them. Ilove the Seattle Mariners. My hobbies are quilting, crosstitch, reading and laying out. Not much chance for that in Washington State. I love to travel, in fact just went on a 7 day cruise with my husband to the Carribean. I love spending money. But mostly I love life. I am very blessed and excited about the possibilities in my life. I still have the dream in me. I would love to catch up with other people who I knew. Anyone else who was in G.O.A.L or S.W.A.S? 

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Entry of Aug 20, 1999 at 15:01 [EST]
From: John Williamson of Bakersfield, CA -
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Comments: After a brief encounter at DVC junior college, I took a job with PG&E as a "Field Engineering Technician". The job entailed traveling up and down the state of California designing aerial pole lines. The division I worked for downsized and I transferred into Meter Reading. (no offense to the meter readers of the world) but what a nightmare. Being chased by dogs in the pouring down rain at 6:00 am was definitely not my cup of tea.

Somehow I found my way into the world of Telecommunications (fiber optics) and have been a Project Manager / Sales Engineer for the last fifteen years. I've traveled a great deal of the United States and even did a year in Brazil. Fortunately I've had success in work, because my love life sucks. That old song, "she got the gold mine and I got the shaft", pretty well describes it. Look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion!

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Entry of Mar 25, 2001 at 09:23 [EST]
From: Charles (Chip) Woods of Lee's Summit, MO -
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Comments: I've become a midwesterner for the past 15 years, married with one adopted young son. Have been working for Sprint for the past 15 years and travelling and enjoying life for that time. Our son is 2 years old and his name is Tyler. Play lots of golf and enjoy water skiing all summer. Life in the midwest is great, but I do miss the great weather and activities year round. Plan on attending the 25 year reunion!! C ya! 

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Entry of Sep 10, 2001 at 15:48 [EST]
From: Chip Woods of Lee's Summit, MO -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: Well, back for a brief moment....I did hear from Mark Trent because of this years later... Anyway, we were in Greece this past summer for two weeks and in Mykonos, having a beer and watching the sunset we met a group of kids from low and behold San Ramon High School. Even the mascot for pete's sake.....It brought back many memories of the good 'ol days without stress contrary to daily trek's to the office. Based on my conversations with them, I think the generations following us will be great!! 

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Entry of Nov 14, 1999 at 07:25 [EST]
From: Binge-Drinker@Chico State of Chico - somehtin.-----
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Comments: Yes, im drunk is that not odd? i guess so IM At CHICO STATE! I would just like to present that i just recently graduated from SRVHS in the class of '99, and how this website and the interests of the people around it have been an inspiration to me. I look at this history and gape in awe of something truly uninmaginable. A lifetime i would have wish to have lived. I see people in the lists of "favorite teachers" and remembering having taking classes with them 20 yrs after all of the fine people of the class of '79 graduating. Tears in my eyes as im writing this guestbook entry, i wish the best of times to everyone, class of wahtever that went and attended the fine institution of SRVHS, and view this wonderful time of happiness as i am now. --- Adam Clark 

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Entry of Sep 13, 2000 at 18:56 [EST]
From: Linda Rasheed of Danville, CA -
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Comments: I am a recent graduate of the class of 2000, at SRVHS. I'm not quite sure how I came across this site but I'm definelty glad I did. High school was the greatest four years of my life, so far... and I'm actaully sitting here in the library of CAL, hopefully the NEXT best four years! It's funny how I don't know any of you, but to hear you're comments remind me of the fond memories I have. Hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with my classmates and come back to write about my life as it is years later. Keep in touch with eachother, thats a great comfort within itself!!! Linda

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Entry of Sep 25, 2000 at 19:59 [EST]
From: Monica of Danville still! -
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Comments: I am happily married with 3 children, one who just recently graduated from SR. And a son who is a freshman. I'm a lawyer, and I am happy still in Danville. Take care, and KIT Monica 

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Entry of Jan 9, 2001 at 18:11 [EST]
From: Felicia Huber of Sammamish -
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Entry of Jun 19, 2001 at 22:31 [EST]
From: Leonora (Hill) Noble of San Ramon -
Personal Homepage?http://

Comments: Mahalo to all who sacrificed time and effort to make this wonderful site. I'm again looking-up to y'all with affection, admiration, and awe, though with greater appreciation than I did as an 1978-1979 freshman. Congratulations on your respective journies, past and present. Best wishes in all that lies ahead.

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