SR students on their futures

Tammy Alarab wants to go to DVC. She will be a commercial airline pilot and travel quite frequently.

Kim Alexander is going to UCLA. She would like to become a stewardess for United Airlines. Barbara Fletcher, who thinks Kim is a nice girl, feels Kim will get married since she seems to like guys.

Lori Allio would like to attend UCB and go into business management or business law.

Kevin Alves would like to go to UCB and get a job.

Bruce Anderson is going to college His future ambitions are to make the most out of life and strive to make others happy, as well as himself. Diane Kittredge thinks Bruce is a very intelligent guy. She predicts that he will become a lawyer or maybe a college professor. He will marry early and have one child. Bruce will be successful and retire at the age of 49 and live in Wyoming.

Karel Andersen would like to be a professional model in France or New York.

Troy Artru plans to attend Yuba City Community College. He would like to live in the High Sierras, have his own job on his own time, buy a boat and live on the Delta.

Ted Bake might go to DVC. He would like to be a carpenter and work for his dad. Ted likes to drag race.

Shelli Baker wants to work, work, work!

Brenda Balaban would like to attend UCB, have a family and become a chemical engineer.

Hans Balke is going to UCB and have a career in the Armed Forces or in business.

Paula Barker will possibly attend UCB. After college she would like to be either an advertising executive or an underwater basket weaver.

Monica Beith would like to attend DVC and enter the dental hygiene program Karen Stieglitz feels Monica will accomplish anything that she goes after. She is a very warm and outgoing person who will make a fantastic dental hygienist. She will leave a lasting imprint upon the face of the earth. As far as marriage is concerned, if there is another person in this world who is as crazy and fantastic as Monica, they will find each other.

Cathy Billings is going to San Francisco State or DVC. She would like to work in a restaurant and study culinary arts in college. Joan ller predicts Cathy will become a high class caterer. In five years she will marry and have two kids. Evelyn Black would like to attend San Antonio College. She would like to go to modeling school and become a stewardess, or work for an airlines.

Linda Blake is going to a medical school. Her future ambition is to make money.

Julie Blow would like to be a physical therapist or oceanographer.

Stacy Boley would like to go to Harvard. Her ambition is to attend law school. Noelle Flanagan thinks Stacy will study advanced microwave techniques at Stanford.

Cheri Bollenbecker will attend UC Davis. She would like to work with animals and someday become a veterinarian. Brynn L. Burns predicts Cheri will have a very successful life. Her love for animals will probably lead her to become a veterinarian. Cheri has a lot of potential to go on in life and make it what she wants.

Karen Borders is going to UCB. She would like to work as a research scientist.

Klint Borozan is going to San Diego State. He would like to be a dentist.

Ann Bradley is going to UCLA.

Susan Briggs would like to go to UCB or UCLA and study an area of science. Danielle Proll thinks that Susan will do something in the field of chemistry. She will probably' be a well known chemist, as long as she keeps her ambition to learn.

Shelley Brooding would like to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or San Diego State. Shelley would like to go into the field of science or interior decorating. Kelley McDonald thinks Shelley will be a very successful dental hygienist She will live a very radical life.

Erin Brown would like to go to college in Washington or to a travel agency school. Erin wants to be happy and plans to continue her life as a Christian. Kim Shaner feels Erin has a lot of potential and is going places. Erin will have a career, but will still marry and have children. Nothing will come before her family.

Dayna Bryant is going to San Diego State. Her ambitions are to get out of Danville and keep on living! Laurie DeVries thinks Dayna will never get married, because no one will want to marry her. She will be a stewardess and she will moonlight at K-Mart on her off hours. Dayna will paint light bulbs for the blue light specials. "EEEEEEEEE."

Louis Brydon will attend DVC then UC Davis. He would like to be an engineer, make a million and sail away on his 100 foot yacht. Scott Bisson thinks Louis will go to DVC then to engineering school where he might study electronical engineering.

Kathy Buckley would like to go to Penn State. Her ambition is to be the country's best lawyer.

Genai Burford is going to Stanford. She plans to be either an actress, a C.I.A. agent or a lawyer. Genai would like to marry a very rich man.

Johanna Byerly is going to a UC campus. She would like to manage the Giants.

Fred Carl is going to Cal State Hayward. He is going to live by himself and have parties.

Cheryl Carver plans to attend either DVC or Chico. She wants to go to Hawaii or Acapulco.

Sam Castree is golng to DVC. He would like to be in a good rock and roll band and make it big someday. Mark Rascano predicts Sam will be a madman Javelin driver trying for Jimmy Page's position . . so look out ladies!

Paul Cefalo is going four wheeling and to DVC.

Andy Child is going to DVC and then to a university. He would like to display landscape design.

Suzette Christensen plans to attend Brigham Young University. Her future ambitions are to become an interior designer and own her own store. Sue Summers thinks Suzette will be going to BYU to get her MRS and interior design degree. Later in life Sue sees Suzette with her own interior design store and seven little kids clinging to her.

Melanie Cobble is to going to UC Santa Barbara. She might be a veterinarian. Gunilla Johansson thinks Melanie will become a cruise director on the Love Boat, Marry a handsome millionaire and eventually become a rich divorcee.

Julie Cole plans to go to the College of Fashion Design and become a fashion interior designer.

Laura Collier will either attend UC Santa Barbara or USC. She plans to go into special education.

Donna Collins would like to go to UC Davis and pursue a career in the medical field.

Willie Conley wants to be a door to door salesman.

Adam Cortese is going to Davis or Chico to become a dentist. Karen Shattuck thinks Adam will go to college and have a good career. He will excel in his job and advance to the top. She thinks this because he is a very good worker. Adam will probably get married in his twenties and have a lot of kids. He will go through life well-liked and successful.

Bob Coupe Is going to Cal Poly. He would like to be a carpenter. He thinks he could be very happy married to Paula. Paula Taylor thinks Bob will go to DVC for two years and then to Cal Poly. After he is out of college he will probably find a job involving carpentry or architecture. After that she will have to get him to marry her. Paula doesn't think he will ever be rich because financial success isn't important to him. But she thinks Bob will always have enough to live comfortably.

Liz Crockett is going to DVC then transferring to a State College. Liz wants to study music.

Corey Cronin wants to go to UOP. He thinks he will major in pre law and go on to become a lawyer.

Kevin Cronk is going to San Diego or DVC. He would like to find a job which offers him lots of money.

Judy Dalke would like to go to Sonoma or Stanislaus. She would like to become a counselor or social worker. Toni Gross feels Judy will have a lot of children someday but first she is going to become a school counselor or social worker. Judy has a bright and shining future.

Dennis Darrin is going to DVC or SJSU and would like to enter the field of aeronautics. Pete Gardiner feels Dennis will be very successful in business and will get a very high paying job. He has a good mind for business and will do great.

Liz Dauterman will enter Heald Business College. She would like to travel around the world and be a legal secretary. Shelley Brooding thinks Liz will marry at an early age but will not have children until she has settled herself into a well paying secretarial job. Liz will do many things in her lifetime because she is so energetic and full of ideas.

Kent Davis wants to play ball and be a sports broadcaster. If he does not do that he will join the Marines.

Laurie Davis would like to attend UCB and become an optometrist. Ann Nelson thinks Laurie will probably be successful in the field of optometry so that she can fix her own bad eyes. She will marry Rick Madsen so that she can be chauffeured to work in his Monte Carlo. On weekends Laurie will go over to visit "the gang" in Lafayette, especially Mikie (alias Pickle) and Clint (my honey).

Ben Deane wants to go to Humboldt. He will probably be a truck driver for burger king.

Stacey Dierks plans to attend Heald or Andon College. She would like to be a dental assistant or an accountant. Valerie Taylor thinks Stacy will wait a while until she gets married. She will be an accountant and be good at it.

Laurie DeVries is probably going to DVC and then to Santa Barbara. She wants to travel and work with stained glass. Dayna Bryant feels Laurie will be big in her profession. She will be good because Laurie has a good head on her shoulders and will be very outgoing and successful. Laurie will not get married for quite awhile because a husband would slow her down.

Greg Dobson would like to go to Wenachee Valley College and be in orchardry or forestry.

Chuck Douros is going to DVC for two years and then to a state college. He would like to get married after college, move back East and have two children. Preferably a boy and a girl.

Nancy Downs would like to attend Stanford. She thinks she would like to get married to someone well off and have babies. Marcia Clure thinks Nancy will be very successful and most likely make a name for herself in swimming. She will probably study math or science.

Mike Duensing would like to go to Chico, be a lawyer and ski a lot.

Blair Erickson is going to DVC and he would like to be in law enforcement. Mark Burda thinks Blair is a good mechanic and guitar player.

Karl Erickson would like to go to Cal Poly, but has many other choices. He would like to go to college for four to six years and become an architectural engineer and live wealthy.

Roger Evans is going to San Diego State. He wants to make sure his career is something he enjoys, because he wants to have a good time.

Noelle Flanagan is going to UC. She is planning to be a law student.

Barbara Fletcher might go to DVC. She is getting married. Lori Hagerstrand thinks Barbara will be a race car driver and race her own car on the Antioch speed way then in the Indianapolis. She will probably have five kids who will also be race car drivers.

Nick Frederick is going to UCLA. He wants to go to college and get rich. Lisa Kemphert thinks they will get married and he will be a very successful business man and negotiator, who will earn a very large sum of money.

Suzanne Frew is going to San Diego. She would like to be an engineer or nurse. Karen Winsby thinks Suzanne will move to the Midwest, marry a hick and raise chickens. She will go to college and major in either science or nursing. She will continue helping people through much of her life.

Kim Fuller would like to attend a large college near LA or UC Santa Barbara. Her future ambitions are to become a sports commentator, or a TV actress. Noelle Flanagan thinks Kim will go to Arizona State, be a cheerleader, and date her high school sweetheart from Tucson. By age 27, Kim will be the best woman sports commentator. She will meet a 6'5" blonde haired, blue eyed hunk of a football player, marry him and have 3 kids just like her cute little brother.

John Fumagalli is going to UCLA or Cal Poly. He would then like to be an engineer or a millionaire. Chuck Douros thinks John will be on a basketball team in college. He will be a successful businessman. John will be an engineer of sorts and take on a grand job. He will marry and have one child. Once he has the money, he will invest in the stock market and clean up. His child, a boy, will be just like him because John will influence him greatly. John will not retire at 65, but will continue working on a certain hobby.

Steve Fuss wants to have fun after high school. Lori James said Steve will go to college, learn body work and make a lot of money. Someday he Is going to settle down with a girl and have lots of kids. Someday he will be a Nazi leader in Germany.

Judy Ganley's future ambitions are to continue undermining society by refusing to accept anything for the sake of acceptance. Mr. Cauchon feels Judy will go to college, be a career woman, and enter some field of social science. She will marry and have one child.

Pete Gardiner is going to be in the DVC transfer program.

Julia Geremia is planning on attending a junior college in San Diego. Her future ambitions are to model for a large agency or find some way to live well off and not marry for a long time. Katie Morton thinks Julia will live in a big city, like New York. She will have a fancy apartment and she will buy a new wardrobe every month. She is going to live "a wild and crazy life." Julia will not get married till she has done all the living she can. But when she does it will be a very special person that she loves very much.

Ann Gibson is going to college. After college she wants to be rich and drive a black Porsche. She also would like to marry after she has traveled world wide. Danielle Proll thinks Ann will do something in the theatrical or television life. She might be a director or an actress.

Tami Gneckow wants to find an interesting job. Heidi thinks Tami will go far in life. She will travel and spend a lot of money. She will be quite successful in her business adventures. She will get married but only have 1 or 2 children. Tami will always be happy and content if she is not forced to be restricted.

Dave Gougler wants to become a computer programmer and take things slow and easy. Dave wants to enjoy life.

Maureen Gray plans to attend DVC and later transfer to UC Santa Barbara. Then hopefully, if all goes as planned, she will get a job where she works closely with other people.

Pam Gray would like to attend UC Santa Barbara. She would like to travel and then be a 7th or 8th grade school teacher. Pam also would like to be a guidance counselor. Gunilla Johansson thinks Pam will become a history teacher, get married and have eight kids. Her Pollyanna attitude will win her friends wherever she goes.

Robert Greenwade is going to college and has four goals in life; to be a pilot,recording engineer, accountant, and electrical engineer.

Toni Gross would like to become a singing star and be rich! Then she would like to sail around the world on a sailboat with Brett, her love.

Lisa Gutknecht is going to UC Davis. Her future ambition is to have immediate retirement.

Lori Hagerstrand is going to DVC. She is getting married as soon as she graduates. She would like to study medical terminology so she can become a ward secretary. Cheryl Stanley thinks Lori will have three children within the next eight years.

Carol Hausmann would like to attend Harvard or Stanford. She wants to be the president of the United States of America.

Tom Hawkins would like to attend UCB and become an electrical engineer.

Jeff Herzfeld is going to Oregon State University.

Sheila Holbrook is going to DVC for a year then to Cal Poly to major in horticulture or graphic designing. She would like to get into professional graphic designing or advertising.

Nancy Holland will go to the University of Idaho. She would like to major in law or teaching. Kim Fuller thinks Nancy will wait a while to get married. Her involvement will help her in the future.

Robin Hopkins would like to work in an office. Amy Hopkins thinks Robin will work with animals. Robin will wait a while to get married. She will help people and animals.

Dave Howard is going to UC Davis and major in pre med. He plans to get married in 5 to 6 years. Steve Hutchcraft thinks David wants to become a doctor and has the potential to become a good one. Dave will live in a large house, somewhere close to skiing, probably in Oregon. He will marry a 5'6" blonde. They will have 3 children and live happily ever after.

Barbara Huddleston would like to go to San Diego or Santa Barbara. She would like to continue in athletics. Judy Merrick feels Barb will marry young and have a few kids. Most of her life she will be a housewife and be very active. She will treat her hubby like a king and do anything and everything to keep him happy Good luck Barb!

Paul Hupp is going to UCLA. His ambition is to become a highly paid architect 50,000,000 per year. Pete Gardiner thinks Paul will be extremely successful in life and get a high paying job. He just might compete in college football.

Steve Hutchcraft would like to go to Berkeley. Stanford, or Yale. Dave Howard feels Steve will go to college and major in the field of science. He will probably get married then start working for some large company in an unusually high level for someone new. Steve will be promoted until he holds the highest job. He will have 3 kids.

Jill Iler will go to DVC and then to Hayward. After college she would like to have a family and find a career in computers or math. Valerie Taylor thinks Jill will get married right after high school. She will be very successful with her career and marriage.

Katherine lngram wants to go to UCB. After college, she wants to join the Navy for 4 years. She would then like to get her master's in library science. Gunilla Johanssen predicts Katherine will go to the Coast Guard Academy and become a lady drill sergeant.

Brad Isbell is going to college. He plans to fight against the senseless destruction of this earth. And if this is impossible, he will leave.

Jerry Jager will go to Cal Berkeley or Pepperdine. He would like to be involved in commercial art and architectural fields.

Lori James will travel all over the world and live in England.

Mike James is going to DVC for two years then to San Diego State. His ambition is to get a job selling real estate.

John Jansen wants to work in an orchestra. Ryan Rowe thinks John will marry a girl with a personality much like his own. He will be a professional musician in the Hee Haw Band.

Diane Jenkins will go to San Jose or Chico. She wants to get into behind the TV scenes.

Kathy Jennings wants to go to Hayward state. Kathy wants to do well in whatever she does. Julie Rathbone predicts that Kathy will marry early. She will somehow be at the right place at the right time and a famous agent will discover her, and she will become a model

Gunilla Johansson wants to go to UC Santa Barbara. Pam Grey thinks Gunilla will get married and have at least two children. She will enter the medical field and be the best doctor ever.

Sandy Johnson wants to go to Cal State Hayward, get married and have a family.

Laurie Jorgensen will probably go to UC Davis. She plans to enter veterinary medicine.

Gretchen Judd is going to college. She wants to become a dancer in musical theater.

Randy Kaufman is going to Arizona State University. He wants to be an athletic trainer in college. He would also like to be a stock broker.

Scott Kehl would like to go to UC Davis and enter the medical field.

Lynne Kilpatrick would like to go to Humboldt State. She hopes to work in the wildlife management field up in Alaska.

Diane Kittredge will go to DVC for a year and then transfer to UCB. Paula Taylor thinks Diane will marry a rich man but have lots of affairs, because she will not be happy with just one guy.

Kevin Kjelstrom would like to go to UCLA and then be a motion picture producer and director.

Farrell Kohlbecker would like to attend college and major in languages or journalism. After that she would like to travel.

Aldine Korenoff is going to college to be an elementary teacher or psychologist.

Korynn Kruse is going to college and major in business and music. She plans to go into accounting and business management. She will keep studying music because her greatest ambition is to become a professional singer. Karen Winsby thinks Korynn will make it in the top ten in five years with her beautiful voice.

Michelle Lacey is going to DVC. She wants to be an airline stewardess because she loves to travel and wants to meet eligible good looking guys up in the sky.

Ronda Lawson wants to work with the phone company. Toni Gross thinks Ronda will marry young and have an only child, and then she will become a famous writer.

Charles Lee will attend UCB and study engineering.

Kim Link is going to college. She wants to travel a lot. She does not want to get married until she is about 28.

Tim Lockwood will go to the best college that accepts him. He wants to be a doctor.

Bill London would like to go to Humboldt and work for the Department of Fish and Game. Jane Petrie thinks Bill will become a very good photographer and get married in his late 20's. Bill will probably climb Mount Everest or something like that.

Bill MacDonald wants to go to Berkeley. He will be a lawyer and travel around the world, possibly playing the guitar.

John Macias might go to UCLA and have a medical career.

Susan Marchitti will go to Chico.

Don Martin wants to go to St. Mary's College or Santa Clara.He wants to play baseball or football.

Kathleen Marvin is going to live on a beautiful farm in the mountains of West Virginia with her man and work in their greenhouse and party hearty and love. Brad Flynn thinks Kathy will spend the last 30 years of her life living somewhere in the hills listening to Grateful Dead tunes and being a hippie of the sixties. Good Luck!

Colleen McDonald will go to San Diego State and plans on living a full, rewarding life.

Kelley McDonald will go to UC Santa Barbara. Shelley Brooding thinks Kelley will marry after she has established a career in the field of business. She will achieve anything she sets her mind to. Kelley will probably have 3 children.

Michelle McMasters is going to San Diego State where she would like to study psychology or theater arts.

Jeff Meier would like to be a veterinarian.

Mark Meier will go to DVC or UC Davis. He would like to major in records management or business administration.

Judy Merrick is going to DVC. She would like to be a secretary or receptionist. Katie Morton feels Judy will be a very successful secretary. She will probably marry at a very young age and be very happy. She loves children, so she will have many.

Lisa Michaels will attend a UC campus. She is interested in art, biology, psychology and writing and would like to include them all in her career. Getting married and having a family will be important to her. Patty Small thinks Lisa will become a housewife. Her husband will be tall, dark, and handsome.

Maureen Middleton would like to go to UCB, find a career and raise a family.

Mark Miller wants to go to UCB and become a doctor. Rob Pritzkow thinks Mark is a boy that is not afraid to get his fingernails dirty. He shows great promise as a welder. Mark's great goal is to weld a gas tank to a car.

Karen Morgan wants to go to Harvard and become a lawyer. Katie Morton will go to Cal Poly or San Diego and become a teacher. Judy Merrick thinks Katie will probably work with kindergartners. She will get married in her late twenties.

Claudia Muller is going to college and she will major in nursing. She plans to go to Europe. Carol Wallace says Claudia will always be late. She will be a nurse and marry when she is twenty-five.

Tom Neach would like to be in the Coast Guard Academy. He would like to have a career in the Air Force or Coast Guard.

Diane Meller would like to attend the University of Alabama, and then she would like to get married.

Ann Nelson is going to DVC. She would like to be an interior decorator. Rick Madsen thinks she will marry Clint and have 13 kids, all with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Donna Nielsen is going to DVC and then to a state college. She wants to get a job after college, make lots of money and stay single for a long time.

Shelley Oates is going to Chico State. Stacee Shaw predicts that Shelley will get married during her first or second year. She will accomplish anything she sets out to do.

Reida O'Connor will go to DVC. She would like to become a physical education teacher. Jane Petrie thinks Reida will marry young. She will become a track or cross country coach.

Susan Olsen is going to DVC. She plans to be a dental hygienist.

Grace O'Malley wants to attend UCB. She is considering going into law and becoming a district attorney like her daddy.

Debbie O'Neill wants to be a kindergarten or P.E. teacher.

Jim O'Neill would like to go to UCLA or Cal Poly. Craig McKeand thinks Jim will become wealthy at an early age and remain a bachelor.

Mark O'Shea wants to go to DVC for two years then move onto a bigger college. He would like to be coach for a high school baseball team.

Lisa Overfield wants to go to a UC campus. Julie Blow thinks Lisa will continue in her sports. She will always be athletic. She will work in the outdoors. She will probably get married around 22 or 23 to an outdoorsy type of guy and live in Colorado.

Lori Overfield will go to college or a riding academy. Lori has many interests like physical education and music.

Janet Pangelinean will go to Hayward State and travel.

Liz Parrish is going to college. She wants to coach a sport in a high school She wants to be a stewardess for Pam Am airlines. She would also like to go into forestry. In whatever she does she will be looking for a lot of adventure and vitality.

Steve Parsons will go to DVC. He wants to get his private pilot's license and then attend college to get into commercial aviation.

Christy Pease wants to be a graphic designer for one year and attend college. Julie Thompson predicts Christy will be happy and successful because she wouldn't settle for anything less.

Lanie Pesavento is going to college to become a doctor. Karen Winsby thinks Lanie will meet a handsome premed student and fall in love. Lanie will do good in whatever she goes for.

Kathryn Peterson will attend Linfield College in Oregon. She would also like to go to cosmetology school. Terri Barnett thinks Kathryn will do whatever makes her happy, whether it is becoming a CPA with a puppy store and a Trans-Am, or patching broken skis in the Swiss Alps. Kathy will always be happy and know how to have fun.

Jane Petrie wants to go to college and marry rich.

Doug Pitcher wants to go to DVC or San Diego. He wants to play polo for the United States. He wants to be a contractor and make mucho money!

Marci Pitts wants to go to college and major in business administration or management.

Tonia M. Pollard wants to go to Hayward State. She would like to be a model.

Danielle Proll would like to go to Cal Poly and be a P.E. teacher. Sue Briggs thinks she will have a large, athletic family. She will be either a P.E. teacher or a counselor. She will probably marry early. She could be the first woman quarterback.

Lisa Pryor would like to attend Heald Business College, become a secretary and get married.

Susan Puetz will go to college. She wants to become a ski bum. Susan would also like to be a draftsman and then an engineer. Dana Triplett says Susan will get married eventually, to who, nobody knows.

Donnita Raab would like to be a nurse aide or nursery school aide.

Gina Radigonda would like to go to DVC and to a trade school to become an interior decorator. Stacee Shaw predicts Gina will be successful in her future years because she is a very determined person. She will probably get married during college and continue in to her career. Stacee thinks that Gina will achieve the goals she sets out for herself.

John Ramsey wants to attend UCB and to major in economics. Scott Bisson thinks John will be a hard working person. At school he will have a very high grade point average. John will get a high paying job from a major company or governmental branch.

Mark James Rascano will go to Humboldt. He wants to get a motorcycle and go up to Alaska, then cross country.

Mike Rasch wants to attend Chico for two years and San Diego for two years. Mike wants to move to San Diego, and possibly become a professional surfer or a lawyer.

Julie Rathbone is going to UC Irvine. She would like to move to Balboa, study journalism, and then work for a famous magazine. If all fails, she will marry a rich man and be a beach bum. Kim Shaner feels that Julie will be very successful in her career. She will live on or near the beach. She will fall in love and marry a dark, tall and handsome beach bum.

Kevin Reed wants to take over the company he is working at. He might go to college.

Kathy Renwick wants to go to Hayward State or San Jose State. She is going to stay home for a few years then get her own apartment. Dana Triplett thinks Kathy will work as a strip tease dancer, to pay her way through college to t~come a brain surgeon. Kathy will have many kids.

Rick Riley will attend a UC campus. He would like to take an outdoors type job. Scott Bisson thinks Rick will be an excellent student in college, enabling him to obtain a good job as some sort of businessman for some corporation. Rick will live in a big house in a high prestige area.

Shawn Ritchey is going to Whitworth Christian College and he would like to become a counselor of some kind. Chuck Douros thinks Shawn will be extremely successful in life as a top notch psychologist or counselor. He has always had a dream of a large house in the back woods somewhere and he will reach that dream. He is going to have a pretty wife and eventually two children. Shawn will be very sure of himself with a lot of pull in his business. He will be an Important person. Shawn would like to travel around the United States in a bus with other Christians visiting and witnessing to people. He loves people!

Robin Ropolo is going to UC Davis and would like to go into business administration.

Jim Scannella wants to be an architect or engineer. Leslie Skoll predicts Jim will play football, be on a track team at college, and compete in the 1984 Olympics for track and field in the 400 meter hurdles.

Kim Shaner wants to have a career. She doesn't want to get married for a long time. Julie Rathbone predicts Kim will be the girl with everything ... a dark haired lover, fashionable wardrobe, sleek car, beautiful home, and long nails. But most of all, Julie hopes that Kim will have all the happiness she can stand.

Michael Shattuck wants to join the Naval Academy or attend UCB. He would like to be a Navy Pilot. Adam Cortese thinks Mike will have a happy and fulfilled life.

Stacee Shaw wants to go to San Diego State. She is planning to study dental hygiene. Stacy Boley thinks Stacee will become a dental hygienist and marry a rich orthodontist. They will work together three days a week and they will spend the other four days snow skiing at their cabin in Switzerland.

Rob Sher would like to attend Berkeley. He plans to study business management and have many close friends. Julie Rathbone predicts that Rob Sher will be very successful and wealthy Rob will buy the Hearst newspaper chain at the age of thirty-five. Rob's compassion and warmth will always stand out, keeping his feet on the ground and head out of the clouds amidst the hectic life of a businessman.

Scott Shields wants to go to the University of Washington.

David Sikes is going to DVC. He would like to work for Southern Pacific Railroad. Dave would also like to race off road.

Kim Simmons is going to a junior college. She would like to work in some type of public relations.

Patty Small would like to go to a medical school and later enter the field of psychiatry. But most importantly she would like to get married and raise a family. Lisa Michaels predicts Patty will work hard to become a doctor. One of her patients will be Robert Redford, and she will marry him and have little Roberts and Patties.

Mike Smith wants to become a diesel mechanic.

Chris Stamos wants to go to college, take a trip around the world, and perhaps find a career in the science field. Tammy Alarab thinks Chris will become rich and famous. Her home will be in the Redwoods on a horse farm.

Chris Stamp wants to take a four month cross country trip then start college when he feels ready to train to be a paramedic.

Karen Stieglitz wants to go to UC Davis and major in zoology and veterinary medicine. She would like to enter into the field of wildlife conservation.

Steve Strand is going to college. Bill Long predicts Steve will be an average white collar businessman. After about three weeks, the humdrum routine will be too much for Steve, and prompt him to ditch his wife Janet and their eight illegitimate kids. Soon after he will buy a piano and proceed to become the greatest composer and singer of Punk Rock ever.

Devon Suby is going to college, get a good education and job, and then maybe get married.

Richard Swan wants to major in business administration. Rick Riley thinks Rick will be good at whatever he does.

Paula Taylor wants to someday marry Bob Coupe and find a career that involves children.

Valerie Taylor is going to DVC. She wants to work with video tapes, recorders, and cameras. Jill ller thinks Valerie will have a very good career and will not get married for a long time.

Jon Teevan is going to college and wants to do something in business. Tom Hawkins thinks Jon has a good future in sports, either as a coach or a pro baseball player. After college he will get married and live happily ever after.

Julie Thompson wants to go to the Fashion Institute of San Francisco. Her ambitions are to be rich, famous, live happily ever after and retain her own identity.

Timm Torchiana is going to UC Irvine or UC Santa Barbara. His ambitions are to swim and play water polo in college and major in political sciences or foreign relations. Penny Powell predicts Timm will be successful when he puts his mind to it. He will fit the role of a father and husband well. He can handle pressures well.

Joan Tovey would like to go to Chico or San Diego. She would like to become a psychologist or maybe do something involving clothing design and merchandising.

Mary Trahan is going to college and wants to do something in special education.

Dane Triplett will probably go to DVC and then to a state college. She would love to be a pilot. She wants to get married and have a large family in later years. Kathy Renwick thinks Dana is a super person who will go far.

Bill Tuckerman would like to go to San Diego state and be a stockbroker.

Jack Turner will attend Cal State Hayward, get into business or own his own. Jeff Sims thinks Jack will become a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and marry Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

Debbie Unini wants to go to San Jose State or the LA lnstitute of Art. She would like to become a commercial artist and go into advertising or film production.

Dan Vincent wants to go to Searia College. He would like to go to Germany as an exchange student.

Carol Wallace is going to DVC. She'd like to marry rich. Claudia Muller thinks Carol will most likely become a dental hygienist after she has a really good time in college. She will want to really enjoy life, travel, and have a good time. Eventually Carol will get married, but probably not have kids.

Eve Weber wants to attend UC Berkeley and get married. Barbara Weiss is going to a state college. She wants to be happy, enjoy life, party, have a career, and hope someday to be a pro football coach or to be a pro manager of a baseball team. Joel Salzberg sees nothing but much happiness and goodness for Barbara. A truly terrific person.

Becky Westerman wants to be a nurse. She will be going to Hayward State. Julie Rathbone does not think Becky will become a nurse. She will marry a man who buys her lots of Coca Cola, and they will name their first child "Snookie Face." Julie thinks that Beck's only serious problem is her lack of sense of humor and quick wit. Julie and Becky will be friends always, but they will never talk on the phone.

Cathy Williams wants to go to Santa Barbara or Humboldt. She would like to go into the zoology field or something in dance.

John Williamson is going to San Diego State and wants to be in aerodynamics.

Karen Winsby wants to go to Berkeley, become an architect and design her own mansion. Lisa Michaels predicts Karen will be a famous architect with an office in Round Hill. In her spare time she will play basketball for the Warriors.

Denise Worrall wants to go to Cal Poly or UCLA and major in science or medicine.