Senior Yearbook photos from the Class of '78

Abood to Ash Baender to Benson Berchdorf to Blow
Borrey to Brignoli Brown to Burton Cahill to Coonradt
Cooper to Disharoon Ditzel to Earl Erickson to Fisch
Fisher to Garner Gates to Gross Guthrie to Henze
Hettick to Huddleston Hummel to Kaplan Kappeler to Koenig
Kroll to Lavezzo Lawson to Lucky Ludwig to Marengo
Marhenke to Matulovich McAvoy to McMillan McGinley to Meyer
Michael to Momaney Monroe to Murphy Newcomb to Parsons
Pascoe to Raventos Raymond to Robertson Robinson to Ronchetto
Rose to Salsgiver Sauder to Severa Shives to Squires
Steadham to Thomann Thomas to Walter Wanner to Williams
Williams to Zimmerman