Wolf Print
San Ramon High School's student newspaper.

Here are selected articles from 1975 to 1979, the four high school years of the class of 1979. Each listing includes the date, headline, author, first sentence, and size of the file.

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September 26, 1975 Jim Henderson Optimistic by Bart Miller
"I am committed to the fact that people are going to have to work together." (99k)
October 17, 1975 Homecoming '75 -Spirit Week Hits High
The royal court for the 15th annual homeocoming was announced today during the rally after fourth period. (125k)
November 26, 1975 Going, Going, GONE!
Coach Steen, assistant junior varsity football coach is shown above.(67k)
December 19, 1975 Houston Fired, Coach of 16 Yrs. by Pam Williams and Todd Russell
"I am not bitter towards any of our administration - they are just doing their job" (67k)
Various dates - 1975 - 76 Smoking Areas Debated by Bart Miller
At the regular March 1 school board meeting, the board, on a three-to-two split-vote, approved a new policy for student smoking of tobacco on school premises. (125k)
May 14, 1976 New Varsity Coach Chosen by Guy Houston
San Ramon finally has a new football coach (49k)
June 4, 1976 Love Lane Closing? by Linda Arnold
The lunchtime procession of cars up and down Love Lane may not be a problem forever. (40k)
June 4, 1976 School Within A School Comes To SR by Bart Miller
Are you bored with six periods a day? (56k)

October 1, 1976 SR Gets Facelift by Steve Morus, Bart Miller, Scott Wright
San Ramon High, in slow decay for nearly 30 years, has begun its resurrection. (79k)
October 15, 1976 Homecoming '76: Rope The Cowboys! by Bart Miller and Steve Morus
As is tradition at San Ramon High, the Royal Court for the 16th annual Homecoming was announced today during the rally following fourth period. (145k)
October 15, 1976 The Forgotten Men by Guy Houston
People who sit in the stands at football games usually know the names of the halfbacks, the quarterback, and the receivers, but it it rare that they ever notice the creatures up front - the linemen. (49k)
November 12, 1976 Students polled in sex survey by Carolyn Albert and Jeff Heyman
Sex seems to be of interest to everyone, but the subject is seldom discussed openly and without embarrassment.(95k)
November 12, 1976 New Faces in the Old Halls by Joe Walsh, John Heyde, Randy Johnson, Gregg Weller
(Five articles profiling five new teachers: Diana Brett, Russ Critchfield, Tim Brown, John Hankerson, and Mike Church) (125k)
November 12, 1976 Letter to the Editor
In today's issue of the Wolf Print there is an article discussing the results of a survey taken to determing the sex attitudes and activities of students of SRVHS...(signed) James L. Henderson (37k)

December 17, 1976 Controversy erupts over building by Steve Morus
San Ramon chemistry teachers Robert Woodhead and Judy Ziakoff revealed to the Wolf Print that they are strongly against administration plans to move all chemistry classes... (150k)
December 17, 1976 Leith walkway, SR memorial by Rick Reynolds
Something very special in relation to San Ramon High School exists in Danville (31k)
January 27, 1977 Students on the tracks create mixed emotions
Lunchtime at the railroad tracks behind San Ramon High: Small groups cluster, their members conversing casually, appreciating the sunny weather, and getting high. (85k)
February 25, 1977 Shortages hit San Ramon by Steve Morus
Pleas to conserve energy and water are commonplace nowadays. (133k)
March 18, 1977 Store hassles with council by Steve Morus
San Ramon's Student Store, closed since early this year, will finally open this month if specially ordered new doors arrive on schedule. (101k)
April 1, 1977 Skateboarding by Carol Brucker
"I'm not that good," says Kevin McCarthy. (46k)
May 5, 1977 Mrs. Taylor passes away
Marsha Taylor, an English teacher at San Ramon for ten years, was found dead in her Walnut Creek home last Monday night at the age of 48. (34k)
May 5, 1977 Mini-Week cancelled: Hubinger explains why
Even though Chris Hubinger, given the responsibility of heading this year's Miniweek as a Junior, saw over seven months of work crumble to nothing in a matter of days last month, she is still optimistic about next year.(60k)
May 20, 1977 Wolves win EBAL title by Guy Houston
Another late inning victory. (114k)
May 20, 1977 Swimmers cop Class 'B' title
Davitt Cunningham, with two first places and another in a relay, led the San Ramon swim team to the North Coast Section Class B title Saturday at Ohlone College in Fremont. (25k)

(Class of '77 Review -- June 1, 1977 not yet posted.

JUNIOR YEAR: 1977-78
October 7, 1977 Title IX causes split by Teresa Barnett
Title IX requires, among other things, equality in physical education classes. (35k)
October 7, 1977 SR coach almost had lifetime dream by Tom Neach
Just to be able to get invited to the Olympic trials is something we all dream about. (66k)
October 21, 1977 Homecoming '77 by Robert Sher
Today's Green and Gold day represents a peak in SR's spirit, after a week of events, including the traditional selection of the Royal Court. (86k)
November 11, 1977 Showdown at MV corral - Wolves battle for championship by Kent Davis
The San Ramon Wolves and the Monte Vista Mustangs will battle for not only the Valley Championship but also for first place and a berth in the 4-A Playoffs. (106k)
November 11, 1977 Royal fumble
We extend our apologies to Chris Torchiana, the real Freshman Escort. (21k)
December 2, 1977 SR high at 1600 feet Photograph by Chris Overson (97k)
December 2, 1977 Reward
$50.00 reward for information leading to contact with our son (24k)
December 2, 1977 Scoralle dies in accident
Sixteen year old San Ramon High student Mike Scoralle died last Friday night when he drove off a curb in San Ramon. (20k)
December 16, 1977 Twenty years ago today by Brett McCann
I went out and asked a few students and faculty about what they would like for Christmas. (67k)
January 20, 1978 SR High, filling up (125k)
March 3, 1978 Jarvis-Gann 'A Catastrophe'by John Ramsey
"It will be a catastrophe!" That's what San Ramon Valley Unified School District Superintendent Allen Petersdorf said of the possible passage of the Jarvis-Gann inititative." (58k)
 March 17, 1978 FFA Pres. Riley removes bees Photo by Chris Overson
Last Monday, a swarm of bees were gathered on an oak tree in front of room SS-101 (64k)
April 21, 1978 All females elected to office
For the first time in the history of San Ramon, students have elected all females to the top five positions in Student Council (93k)
June 2, 1978 Grads to leave SR June 9
The 350 green gowned graduates of the San Ramon Class of '78 will participate in the traditional ceremonies on June 9. (102k)
June 2, 1978 Oliver retires after 27 years by Joe Walsh
One of San Ramon's most interesting teachers is leaving this year to retire.(107k)

SENIOR YEAR: 1978-79
September 5, 1978 Free busing is past by Robert Sher
A seventy cent per day bus fee begins today as a result of Prop. 13.(56k)
September 29, 1978 Skit altered at last second by Laura Anthony
The rally skit performed at the football rally two weeks ago was not the one originally written by the rally skit committee.(64k)
October 13, 1978 Spirit and Pride: Homecoming a Success by Teresa Barnett
Our Fair Lady for Homecoming '78 is Queen Kris Caldwell with King Roger Evans as her escort.(62k)
October 13, 1978 A la carte
A selection-deluxe of talent was unveiled at first annual San Ramon Gong Show on Wednesday Night.(51k)
October 27, 1978 Senior Spotlight: Kathy Renwick by Kim Fuller
The Student Store is just a start for Senior Kathy Renwick, an up-and-coming businesswomen (53k)
November 13, 1978 Destructive Editorial
SR campus was the scene of a wild food fight a few weeks ago during lunch and an egg toss during the Homecoming Game.(44k)
December 1, 1978 Rally Defense Letter to the Editor from Geoff Blake and Ben Deane
We are writing in rebuttal to a letter which appeared in your letter to the editor column(68k)
December 1, 1978 Senior Spotlight: Mark Freseman by Laura Anthony
Senior Mark Freseman has been successfully conducting his own electronics business for the last two years.(51k)
December 1, 1978 Raising Razorbacks by Victor Calbreath
"We get 15 piglets free, raise them for five months, give three back to the breeder and we are even," states local razorback expert, Marty Mitchell.(73k)
December 1, 1978 A new breed of jocks by Paul Hupp
"All Right! All Right! Eckman Skate will dominate!"(77k)
December 15, 1978 Skit Chairmen Resign by Chuck Douros
The resignation of Geoff Blake and Ben Deane as rally skit chairmen has caused some major changes in the rallies.(98k)
December 15, 1978 Senior Spotlight: Gretchen Judd by Chuck Douros
Gretchen Judd, an inspirational dance artist here at San Ramon, is taking four nights of dance classes each week.(87k)
February 16, 1979 Senior Spotlight: Noelle Flanagan by Robert Sher
Towards the end of last year, she put her bid in for Student Body President.(80k)
February 16, 1979 Senior Spotlight: Julie Rathbone
"I'm all around lazy. I never get things done. It's true," says yearbook editor Julie Rathbone.(88k)
March 2, 1979 Campus Beauty Queens by G. Zimmerman
On Saturday, February 17, at San Francisco's Sheraton Palace Hotel, 37 Bay Area girls competed for the title of Miss Metro San Francisco, a branch of the Miss National Teen-Ager Pageant.(106k)
March 2, 1979 Swimming in the Main Hall by Cam Jacobi
Physical Education teacher Cathy Cala was seriously injured in a fall in the Main Hall.(84k)
March 2, 1979 Senior Spotlight: Robert McQuaid
When some seventeen years ago in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, a boy named Robert Andrew McQuaid was born, little did anyone imagine that nearly two decades later in California would he be approached by all six of the major armed forces of the United States.(66k)
March 2, 1979 Tim Rickard flying high by Victor Calbreath
"I get a natural high from hang gliding," says Senior Tim Rickard.(35k)
March 16, 1979 Woodhead's Antics by Geoff Zimmerman
Anyone who has had Mr. Bob Woodhead for Prep College Chemistry knows about his usual antics that he does in class.(69k)
March 16, 1979Senior Spotlight: Brent Bowen by Robert Sher
Look for about one half of the photos in the yearbook when it comes out.(115k)
March 16, 1979 Yearbook Completed: 3-13-79 10:48 Hours by Rob Sher
The yearbook staff has met its last and most crucial deadline, and the annual is expected to arrive in ample time for distribution and signatures.(60k)
March 16, 1979Tribute to an incomparable effort Editorial
Preparations for El Lobo '79 are complete.(51k)
March 16, 1979 Struggling extrovert explains himself by Julie Thompson
If you are puzzled by that strange sort of sound coming from the school grounds that seems to say "Attt, ECK, and Baaa" then you are hearing John "O" Williamson, a senior at our San Ramon High School.(42k)
March 26, 1979 Drastic Cutbacks Threaten by Teresa Barnett
Nearly one third of the San Ramon High teaching staff received layoff notices or were automatically on the drop-list after a decision made by the board of education two weeks ago.(83k)
March 26, 1979 "What Crisis?" Says Science Department by John Ramsey
The science department's reaction to the funding crisis was "What crisis?"(41k)
April 6, 1979 Point Blank, hot, heavy and making its way out of the slums by Paul Hupp
San Ramon has a new rock group - Point Blank.(146k)
April 6, 1979 Senior Spotlight: Kim Fuller by Teresa Barnett
In yet another new school, Kim Fuller's third high school, the ambitious senior entered San Ramon in September.(78k)
April 6, 1979 Senior Spotlight: Rob Sher by Rick Reynolds
Rob Sher: sailor, actor, weightlifter, business man and Editor in Chief of the Wolf Print.(160k)
April 6, 1979 Spring "Vacation" for SR climbers by Dimitri Bevc
Senior Bill London, Junior Cam Jacobi and I have done many climbs in and around Yosemite Valley, but none was as spectacular as our recent ascent of Higher Cathedral Spire.(267k)
May 14, 1979 Senior's Grad Night The Greatest Show On Earth by Rick Reynolds
The Greatest Show on Earth, a $6000 extravaganza of food, fun, and entertainment, all for the class of 79's last time together, Senior Grad Night.(66k)
June 1, 1979 The Year Ends: No more High School for Class of '79 by Teresa Barnett
As the school year comes to a close, we all stop to look back on the events of the year.(124k)
June 1, 1979 Graduation '79 by Rick Reynolds
An estimated 400 members of the last class of the 70's will participate in the graduation ceremony to be held next Friday evening at 6:30.(249k)
June 1, 1979 Life After High School?
Graduation. Whew! Seems like the day the day would never come.(125k)
June 1, 1979 Senior Spotlight: Jerry Meese by Kim Fuller
Jerry Meese, student, actor and singer.(98k)
June 1, 1979 Senior Spotlight: Kris Caldwell by Teresa Barnett
"I love to work with people--all kinds of people!"(92k)
June 1, 1979 Senior Spotlight: Lori Bottom by Kim Fuller
Lori Bottom has been up to her neck in Senior Class projects this year.(80k)
June 1, 1979 Kaufman receives scholarship by Mike James
Building a successful sports program is no easy task, especially if you do not have a manager or a trainer.(65k)
June 1, 1979 SR netters post perfect record by Laura Anthony
the 1979 San Ramon girls tennis season was one of overwhelming success.(89k)